Togo and Leonhard

Togo and Leonhard

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By Pam Flowers, Iditarod Finisher

This book tells the inspiring true story of Alaska's most famous musher Leonhard Seppala and his legendary lead dog, Togo. Written by arctic explorer and adventurer Pam Flowers who dog sledded over many of the same trails as Leonhard Seppala and Togo, the story is told in 150 pages plus 13 historic photos and three detailed maps.

Leonhard Seppala came to Alaska in 1900 where he learned to run a dog team and within two years had become an expert dog musher. In 1913 a Siberian Husky named Dolly was imported into Alaska. In 1916, Dolly gave birth to her second litter, a single puppy named Togo. He was a sickly puppy and no one expected him to live, but he survived. When he was just eight months old, Togo made Leonhard's team and became his favorite lead dog.  

In 1925 a deadly diphtheria epidemic threatened Nome, Alaska. Life-saving serum was hundreds of miles away and the only sure way to get the serum to Nome was to relay it across Alaska using 20 dog teams. Togo bravely led his team through raging storms, over the longest distance, and across the most dangerous part of the relay. Togo, the little dog no one expected anything of, helped save Nome and became a hero.