Stick Cable Gangline - 2 Dog Section

Stick Cable Gangline - 2 Dog Section

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Product description, features & benefits:

2-dog section that features a 2,000 pound tensile strength galvanized aircraft cable mainline sheathed in polyethylene rope, rope necklines, rope tuglines and a 16-inch wooden spreader bar. Can be mixed and matched within almost any gangline but is not intended to be used on its own. Well suited for your Wheel dogs; helps them to pull straighter and prevent crabbing.

The stick holds the tuglines apart to keep the dogs away from the mainline and helps keep them pulling in a straight line. Helps with crabbing, works for distance and sprinting, excellent for BIG dogs.

Note: The wooden spreader bar is NOT a handle. The bar is reinforced in the center with a 4 inch piece of heavy PVC. If used properly, the bar should not break. Also, when running a single dog within a the 'stick' section, it is preferable to stretch a line in-between the empty space to maintain the bar balance (see our Stick Gangline Bungee Spacer, GL0010-03).

All of our ganglines feature high quality 5/8" Italian Bronze Tugline snaps, 3/8" brass Neckline snaps (5/8" upgrade optional), and stainless steel tug and neckline retainer rings to keep unused tug and neck lines in place.

  • Custom stick sizes and mainline lengths available upon request.
  • Cable-filled necklines available as an option.

Available in a full assortment of colors, including Reflective rope for nighttime visibility and safety for those who run their dogs in the evening or early morning hours! Made with high quality polyethylene rope, Centerline is Black with silver reflective strands. Tugs and Neckline in black & blue weave with silver reflective strands.