Boomerang Stainless Steel ID Tags
Boomerang Stainless Steel ID Tags

Boomerang Stainless Steel ID Tags

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Product description, features & benefits:

Stainless Steel Jingle-Free ID Tags by Boomerang are fantastic! The many reasons we recommend Boomerang tags are as follows:

  • The text will remain legible for the life of your dog... UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEED
  • They do not require a ring or hook (which wear out over time)
  • They do not snag and get caught on things
  • They make no noise...silent
  • They will not discolor your dog's coat
  • They do not get in the food dish
  • And...they look very classy on your dog's collar!

When you order a Boomerang Tag through AO, it gets shipped directly to us and we then construct your collar to include the tag so it is permanently attached within the collar. Best yet, the tag has a lifetime guarantee against wear. When your collar eventually wears out, mail the collar to us, order a new collar and we'll construct the new collar with your original tag.
When ordering, please select Tag Size in the Dropdowns below.
Please indicate the information you would like engraved on the tag in the Textbox below. The text information is limited to a maximum of five lines. Suggested copy and maximum characters are indicated below:

  • Line One: Fourteen (14) characters maximum (Pet's Name)
  • Line Two: Eighteen (18) characters maximum (Owner's Name) 
  • Line Three: Twenty (20) characters maximum (Phone Number)
  • Line Four: Twenty Two (22) characters maximum (Street Address)
  • Line Five: Twenty Two (22) characters maximum (City/State)

If you order more than one Tag/Collar, be sure let us know the Collar color/style each tag should be matched up with.