Cable Picketline for Truck Bar
Cable Picketline for Truck Bar

Cable Picketline for Truck Bar

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Product description, features & benefits:

Custom drop cable pickets for attachment to your truck bar/outrigger system. Made to your specifications with heavy-duty 3/16" galvanized aircraft cable for strength and durability. Store nicely, keep clean and are half the weight of chain.

Features swivel design drops with 5/8" durable, dependable Italian Bronze Snaps

A turnbuckle is added per picket line to allow for tension adjustment. Includes two (2) non-locking carabiners for quick attachment to the truck bar eye hooks. Base price includes up to 4 Drops; additional Drops may be added.

Price is for ONE side of truck or trailer - base price includes up to 4 drops that are permanently attached. Please select the total number of drops in the first option box, then in the 2nd option box select how many should be removable (zero is OK).

You also have the option of Removable Drops for when you prefer to increase spacing between drops on the line, by simply removing a drop. Simply specify how many drops in the Dropdowns, if any, that you would like to be removable. Also, please specify the positions of your Removable Drops, i.e. 1st, 3rd, and 5th positions, one on each end, etc.

All cable drops are covered with 10 mm rope, which you may from many colors. If you prefer that the drop cable not be sheathed in the rope (just black vinyl coated cable) please select the last circle in the color pallete with an X in it.

Note: You may choose Multiple Color Rope Sheaths for your Drops by checking the box: "I would like different color ropes for Drops". A Textbox will then appear, and please type in the colors that you would like from the color pallette.

Please type in the exact length between truck bar eye bolts (to the center of each eye bolt, in the Comment Box. IMPORTANT TIP! Two people should measure to make sure the measuring tape is taut...a sagging tape will result in a sagging line. Please measure with cloth measuring tape and be as exact as possible, to 1/4 of an inch.