Ready-To-Go!  X-Back Harness - Standard Sizes
Ready-To-Go!  X-Back Harness - Standard Sizes
Ready-To-Go!  X-Back Harness - Standard Sizes
Ready-To-Go!  X-Back Harness - Standard Sizes
Ready-To-Go!  X-Back Harness - Standard Sizes

Ready-To-Go! X-Back Harness - Standard Sizes

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Product description, features & benefits:


Our READY-TO-GO! X-Back Harness is identical in function and construction to our signature CUSTOM MADE X-Back design and is made with Black premium light race-weight webbing in eleven standard sizes to ensure a proper fit for your dog(s). Perfect for dog sledding, carting, scootering, bikejoring, other pulling activities. Typically will ship within 2 business days from date of order.

Our READY-TO-GO X-Back Harness comes in Black Nylon race-weight webbing and Black Polartec Fleece. 3m Scotchlite Reflective Bands are included in four places for night-time visibility! The tug-loop color denotes the size of the harness.  It is fully padded with Polartec fleece along the chest, neck, and throughout the length of the rib cage, and allows your dog to efficiently and comfortably pull from the entire length of his body. 

Please refer to the Measuring Instructions to measure your dog for the X-Back Harness: X-Back Measuring Guide,  X-Back Measuring Video.

Determining the proper size for your dog is simple! Here are some additional helpful hints:  

  • The first measurement is your dog's FULL neck measurement (A to B x2)
  • The second measurement is your dog's FULL length measurement - from the breastbone to the base of the tail
  • The third measurement is your dog's LAST rib measurement - from the breastbone to the last rib
  • Example: (green tug size): 20 (full neck) x 28 (full length) Last Rib 18

Special Note on Black Tug - If you order a Black Tug, please include the Age/Weight/Breed of your dog in the box on the checkout page to make sure you're in the right size range and to avoid an exchange. This size is often ordered by mistake and too small for most dogs.

Special Note on White Tug - We have a limited supply of White Tugs with a 23 inch neck instead of a 24 inch neck. Please see #03 on the Garage Sale/Clearance Items if you'd like a White Tug with a smaller neck.


    Belly Band: Made with lightweight webbing and a lightweight snap. Our adjustable belly band will fit on most x-back harnesses. 

    • Helps prevent your dog from backing out of the harness as the x-back harness is loose-fitting by design when your dog is not pulling
    • Helps give your dog confidence and calms them as it allows your dog to feel the harness run along the complete length of the body...similar to the calming effect a Thunder Shirt provides.
    • The belly band is designed to run underneath the dog and through both sides of the harness at the last rib. Fully adjustable, specific sizing is not necessary - the band is NOT intended to wrap around the complete girth section of the dog.

    Additional information about Polartec Fleece: 

    • Polartec Fleece provides unequaled padding and comfort, and does so for years.
    • Polartec Fleece is moisture resistant, with only 1% it's weight in water retention.
    • Polartec Fleece is temperature neutral.
    • Polartec Fleece is lightweight.
    • Polartec Fleece is environmentally responsible, made from recycled plastic bottles.