Bern Brentwood Helmet for Men

Bern Brentwood Helmet for Men

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Product description, features & benefits:

Bern's most popular bike helmet for men. Provides superior protection for your head while on your scooter, bike, cart or sled. Your head will be safe even if you go down due to a rock, rut, or dog that darts in the opposite direction. This is a serious helmet for serious activity with your working and active dogs.

Matte Black finish. Features removable visor, sunglass channels, and airflow channels to keep you cool.

Optional Winter Liner to keep you warm all winter long.

Bern's exclusive Zipmold liquid-injected foam technology provides a weight-to-strength-ratio that provides you with a lighter, lower profile helmet. Zipmold hard foam meets ASTM F 2040, CPSC, EN1077B and EN 1078 standards for bikes and skates.

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Weight: 14.8 - 15.5 oz.
Standards: CPSC, ASTM F 2040, EN1077B and EN 1078
Liner: Zipmold

Sizing Chart

Small/Medium: 21 - 22 1/2 inches, or, 54 - 57 centimeters
Large/Extra Large: 22 1/2 - 23 7/8 inches, or, 57 - 60.5 centimeters
XX Large/XXX Large: Greater than 23 7/8 inches, or, 60.5 centimeters

How do I measure my head size?
Using a cloth tape measurer or a piece of string, measure around your head just above your eyebrows and ears. The measurement obtained is your normal helmet size. You may wish to select a slightly larger or smaller size depending on your personal preference (e.g. if you prefer a tighter fit, select one size smaller). Helmet linings do compress, so if your helmet is slightly tight to start with, this is quite normal.