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Heavy Duty Picketline (Cable) (GL015)

Heavy duty uncoated galvanized aircraft cable mainline with rope-covered, coated aircraft cable drops and your choice of sturdy, dependable 5/8" Italian Bronze Snaps or Swedish Snaps (select from dropdown (below). 
All cable drops are covered with 10 mm BLACK rope; however you may also choose from Red, Blue, Green, Yellow or Purple. If you prefer a color other than Black, or if you prefer that the drop cable not be covered in rope at all, please make a note in the Comments Box below.
All drops feature our exclusive swivel design that prevents mainline twisting. Choose between 4 or 5 foot spacing between dogs. Please note that 4-foot spacing comes with 16 inch drops. 5-foot spacing comes with 18 inch drops. 
4-Dog Drop Minimum. If you have less than 4 dogs, this simply allows extra space between dogs.
You also have the option of Removable Drops for when you prefer to increase spacing between drops on the line, by simply removing a drop. Simply specify how many drops in the Drop-Down box below, if any, that you would like to be removable. Also, please specify the positions of your Removable Drops, i.e. 1st, 3rd, and 5th positions, one on each end, etc.  
Our optional Carabiners (see Options below) work great for securing your Picket Line to ground stakes or to wrap around a post or tree and clip to the line itself.

More than nine (9) Drops? We recommend that if you desire more than nine (9) Drops, that you consider breaking your line into two lines, with no more than nine (9) Drops on one line. For example if you have twelve (12) Drops, then you have two (2) Lines, each with six (6) Drops, joined by one of our Heavy-Duty Locking-D Carabiners. This will allow you flexibility if you are only taking 6 dogs out. Also, two separate lines joined by a Heavy-Duty Carabiner will provide more strength. One of the major benefits of our Picket Line is its light weight versus using heavy chain often used for more than 10 dogs. By utilizing our recommendation, you can achieve light weight ease of handling, strength and security, and the flexibility of two lines joined by a Carabiner. 
Again, please describe any special requests in the text box below.

Our Price : $93.00  ea


Heavy Duty Picketline (Cable)
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