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Rope Gangline - 2-Dog Add-On (GL006)

Polyethylene Rope Gangline - Modular 2-Dog section comprised of a 10mm poly rope mainline, two 8mm poly rope necklines and two 8mm poly rope tuglines.
Features high quality 5/8" Italian Bronze snaps, 3/8" bronze Neckline snaps (5/8" upgrade optional), and parachute cord retainer rings to keep unused tug and necklines in place.

Modular 2-Dog sections can be added together or removed for greater flexibility in team size.

For Wheel section, please select in dropdowns if you want Standard gangline section (89 inch tug base to neck base) or Attla Wheel Section (96 inch tug base to neck base with 55 inch tuglines).

Choose from several colors. Also available in reflective rope for nighttime visibility and safety for those who run their dogs in the evening or early morning hours! Made with the same high quality polyethylene rope. Centerline in black with silver reflective strands; Tugs and Neckline in black & blue weave with reflective strands.

Bungee Shockline: 
If you would like to add a Bungee Shockline to your Gangline, then select from the drop-down below. You can choose between our Standard Bungee Shockline (up to 4 dogs), or our Heavy Duty Cable Bungee Shockline (4+ dogs).

Locking "D" Carabiner(s): A heavy-duty Locking "D" Carabiner is a secure method of attaching your Gangline directly to your sled or cart, or to a Shockline, and then to sled or cart. To add a Locking "D" Carabiner, select from the drop-down below.

Consider our Tug Toggles versus Tug Snaps...
As an alternative to our standard tugline with a bronze snap, the Tug Line Toggle is best used with a shorter tug line fidded on to the Toggle, which then connects to, via the Toggle, a 18" Harness Extender Line, which has a 4" loop on one end to loop into the harness tug loop, and 2" loop on the other end to loop around the Toggle, with the Toggle connecting the Harness Extender Line and the Tug Line. See Tug Line Toggle, Tug & Harness Line Combo.

Each Toggle is hand-made, and is approximately 4" wide. Designed for use with 8mm polyethylene tight-weave rope. Toggle Benefits include:
  • Won't jam with sand, dirt, mud or excrement
  • Won't freeze
  • Light weight
  • Strong and reliable
  • Will not splinter, rot or delaminate
  • Will not absorb moisture
  • All edges and corners rounded to minimize wear on tugs
  • Textured matte surface
The following video link featuring Iditarod Veteran Karen Ramstead, who has successfully used this style of Toggle for years, shows how the Toggle is used.    v=8jQqI6PrTmI

We'll be happy to fid the Toggles for you on our standard 30" shortened Toggle Tug, or at any custom length you prefer (note in Comments Box), and in our wide selection of rope color choices; we also have our standard 18" Harness Tug Extender Line available. Just select "Yes, Convert from Tug SNAP to Tug Toggle" in the dropdowns below.

Our Price : $27.00  ea


Rope Gangline - 2-Dog Add-On
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