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Urban Trail Adjustable Harness, READY-TO-GO SIZES! (HR008-RTG)


The ORIGINAL...copied by many, equaled by none. Our READY-TO-GO Urban Trail Adjustable Half Harness (aka Half-Back, Shorty or Shoulder Harness) is available in four STANDARD sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large (see chart below). Typically will ship within 2 days from date of order, unless placed on a weekend, which is then delayed by 2 days.

A versatile harness for mushing and a variety of other dog activities such as scootering, bikejoring, roller blading, canicross, skijoring, tracking, and hiking. For mushing, just add 14" Harness Tug Extender (GL030) in order to adapt length for your tug lines (see dropdown below).

Same type of harness as HR006 except that it is adjustable around both the torso and neck...great flexibility. This harness extends only part way down the back to accommodate the steeper pull angle associated with biking and scootering.

Great for use with multiple dogs, and for people who are uncomfortable with precise measuring...and if you do not want to or cannot wait for one of our renowned CUSTOM MADE harnesses! NOW AVAILABLE IN PINK!

Veterinarian Recommended (see Dog World Magazine article posted throughout our website).
  • Pulling pressure is on dog's chest, not neck and shoulder, and because it reaches half way down the back, it eliminates downward pressure a standard harness puts on dog's hindquarters.
  • Rotates freely around dog's torso, thereby helping to reduce "crabbing".
  • Good for big dogs
  • Great for senior dogs, easy on the hips.
Fully padded with premium Polar Fleece and conforms to your dog's torso even when not pulling; this harness works equally well for walks around the neighborhood. 

VERSATILE FOUR POINTS OF ATTACHMENT! Features two nickel plated steel Attachment Rings, one at Back and one at Front to dissuade pulling.control versatility, plus Attachment Rings on both sides for Biking options.

REFLECTIVE BANDS for nighttime visibility!

POLAR FLEECE - Our Polartec Polar Fleece is the premium fleece, providing maximum padding for your dog's comfort and safety. Polar Fleece is extremely lightweight and durable, and is machine washable. Contrary to appearance and perception, Polar Fleece does not readily absorb moisture; due to its hydrophobic nature, it only retains less than 1% of its weight in water. Because it is very breathable and covers a very small surface area of your dog, it is temperature neutral. It is mostly made from recycled materials, including plastic bottles, and despite its fuzzy appearance, is not flammable, but instead melts when exposed to flame. Although Polar Fleece is more expensive than other padding materials, we believe that it is ideally suited for high quality dog harnesses.

Now featuring "Big Dog" Wienerlock® Buckles! Side release, curved, high-impact, big beefy bruisers designed to handle hefty loads. U.S. military grade and made in the USA.

Consider adding our Urban Trail Pack® (BP001) to your Urban Trail Harness as well. Perfect for day hikes, allows your dog to"work" by helping to carry  the load, i.e, water, food, bowls, snacks, etc.  
NOT recommended for carting or sledding...if you need a harness for sledding as well as scootering, the HR001 will be a better harness for your dog.

Small: Girth 18-24 inches, Weight 15 - 35 lbs.
Medium: Girth 24 - 29 inches, Weight 35 - 55 lbs.
Large: Girth 28 - 33 inches, Weight 55 - 85 lbs.
Extra Large: Girth 31 - 36 inches, Weight 85 - 105 lbs.
Please specify your dog's weight range, age, and breed in the text box below. The breed and weight information helps us verify your harness size request. If any questions about the right size for your dog, please feel free to email or call us! You may also choose to send in your measurements per the link below so we can determine the best size possible (recommended).

Click here for Measuring Instructions

*Because these are ready made for speedy availability, personalization, i.e. identification and options are not available.

Our Price : $57.00  ea


Urban Trail Adjustable Harness, READY-TO-GO SIZES!
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